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Welcome to the LCPS TEAM! We have been working side by side with our clients since 2002 to achieve successful claim resolution and case closure. Our core values are quality, honesty and integrity.

LCPS specializes in workers compensation claim resolution, whether it’s settlement or just lowering exposure through Targeted Medical Management (TMM).  We understand that our clients don’t have all the same needs;  therefore, our products and services are not a one size fits all.  We are a boutique offering customized products and services that best fit you and your team.

Experience and education are the foundation of our success at LCPS.  We collaborate on an individual, case by case and team basis thus creating a partnership with each client.

Let’s start working together for a better tomorrow…


We are in process of making website improvements and sharpening our solution capabilities. We appreciate your patience. For immediate assistance, please call us @ 727-823-7056 or e-mail us @